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Media Archive 2011

Below you will find past sermons for streaming or download. These files are in .mp3 format which can be played on any Windows or Macintosh computer with built-in or free software, or on a portable audio device such as an IPOD or MP3 Player.

Due to copyright laws and our CCLI license, only the sermons are included in the audio. If you'd like to listen to the complete service with all the music, prayers, and liturgy, contact the church for a CD copy of the service.

By clicking on the sermon title below, your audio software should begin streaming the file within a few seconds. However if your software doesn't allow streaming or you would prefer to download the file for listening later, the files are 5-8 Megabytes in size and will take approximately 30 mins to download over dialup or 3-5 minutes over DSL or cable. To download, right-click on the title and select "Save target as". Then you may save the file to your hard drive.

NOTE: You will see some sermons are denoted "coming soon". Due to technical issues, the posting of some sermons have been delayed. These will be added as soon as they become available. Please check back.

Date Title Speaker Length/Size
01/02/2011 It's The Hard Knock Life Rev. Jonathan Whitley 29:27/6.74MB
01/09/2011 A Wonderful Story to Tell Rev. Randy Carstens 29:24/6.73MB
01/16/2011 Our Certain Hope in an Uncertain World Rev. Randy Carstens 24:34/5.62MB
01/23/2011 Chosen for Hope Rev. Randy Carstens 30:15/6.92MB
01/30/2011 Now and Later Rev. Randy Carstens 32:10/7.36MB
02/06/2011 Whoa, Back Up A Minute Rev. Randy Carstens 24:03/5.50MB
02/13/2011 Mirror, Mirror On The Wall Rev. Jonathan Whitley 13:18/5.33MB
02/20/2011 Crossing the Bridge of Hope Rev. Randy Carstens 31:57/7.31MB
02/27/2011 In The Beginning God... Rev. Randy Carstens 29:00/6.63MB
03/06/2011 Love...True Love Rev. Randy Carstens 35:36/12.2MB
03/13/2011 Living The Living Truth Rev. Randy Carstens 31:33/10.8MB
03/20/2011 Built Together to Serve and Sacrifice Rev. Randy Carstens coming soon
03/27/2011 What? Why Bother? Rev. Randy Carstens 32:15/11.0MB
04/03/2011 Jesus is Our Copy Book Rev. Randy Carstens 27:33/9.46MB
04/10/2011 Adding an H to Impossible Rev. Randy Carstens 30:15/10.3MB
04/17/2011 One Road Diverged Rev. Randy Carstens 24:53/8.54MB
04/24/2011 Famous Last Words Rev. Randy Carstens coming soon
05/01/2011 How To Have A Happy Life Rev. Randy Carstens coming soon
05/08/11 Putting Christ First Rev. Randy Carstens coming soon
05/15/11 How Then Should We Live Rev. Randy Carstens coming soon
05/22/11 God, Make Me A Potato Rev. Randy Carstens 31:56/10.9MB
Song Description Performer
Were You There Preparation for Easter Stuart Anderson

Stay tuned - more to come...