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Bill Rader - Colorado Sports Outreach

Bill serves as team chaplain for Denver Broncos (NFL) & Colorado Rockies (MLB)

“My community of people are the men/women/families/stadium employees/team employees of both the Denver Broncos and Colorado Rockies. Because the Lord has allowed us to be here for over 15 years now, I am viewed as the team’s pastor. A humbling title to be sure, but the net result is that people know me, and come to me as their pastor. It’s most rewarding when a janitor at Coors Field wants to talk about ‘spiritual things’, which happened just two days ago just as much as when a ballplayer to team owner wants to talk.”

Some of the guys“I so want to be God’s man here. I have a shepherd’s heart. I end up speaking a lot, but what I really, really like is good conversation over a coke or coffee and just allowing people the freedom to tell their story. I then, often, get to tell the Story of the Lamb. I love my calling!” Bill’s time includes talking with many people, Bible studies, chapels, and travel with teams. His prayer request includes having “energy and a rhythm that goes at the same pace as the Spirit, not ahead and not behind.”

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