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Vera Albright - Southeast Asia

Vera teaches English at an English Language Center started by an American couple who had been in this country for 7 years, teaching at a university. They felt God was calling them to open a Center and the vision was to focus on teaching future local teachers with the goal that in the process many would meet the greatest Teacher of all. As the trained teachers teach in other parts of this country they teach about Him, as well as, teaching methods and oral English. Vera states, “there are many English Training Centers in the city, we were one of the first, but we often hear there is just something different about this place. We know Who the difference is and are thrilled at every opportunity to introduce Him to those who are seeking.”

Vera continues to state, “I love the time in the classroom helping young, and not so young, people improve their oral English but of course it is only the platform on which relationships begin. I am blessed to have made and nurtured many friendships through the years. I continue to see some of my students from 4 or 5 years ago and have them and my very recent students in my home or do activities with them outside the classroom. Many are curious about why I am always ‘so happy’. I am quick to tell them they see joy not happiness and then I share with them where that joy comes from. Though this is a closed country, in many ways it is becoming more open, and regardless, He always finds a way to share His love and His word. It is exciting to see him working here and we need more help. WE are limited only by staff to teach the classes. Though the Center employs many local teachers, our foreign staff is small. We are always asking Him to send more short or long term people to help us. They don’t have to have a degree or experience in teaching, but only His call on their lives to go and spread the …”

Unnamed Southeast Asian Country


Land size: 9,573,000 sq. km.
Population: 1,262,556,787
Population Density: 132 per sq. km.


200 Million without income

Income per person:

$860 per year


Atheistic 50%
Chinese 28%
Buddhist 8%
Christian: 7%
Ethnic 4%
Muslim: 2%

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