315 South St., Anna, IL 62906
office (618) 833-5225
fax (618) 833-1877


A church is not a building, it is a group of people, committed to working, serving, worshipping, praying and sharing together in the cause of Christ. First EPC is the people; and the mission of First EPC is furthered by those who serve on staff, on committees and in various offices within the church.

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Name Position
Rev Dr. David Fischler Pastor
Brad Stamp Youth Director
<vacant> Secretary
Dr. Kathy Swafford Interim Choir Director
Jim Harris Treasurer
Kent Young Sunday School Secretary
Joyce Lutz Librarian
Kathy Swafford, Linda Hileman Organists
Shirley Harris, Cathy Haley, Dr. Kathy Swafford, Linda Hileman Pianists
Todd Williams Sound, AV & Technology
Bo Utley Facilities


Session of Elders
Mark Kirk
Joe Plemon
Todd Williams (Clerk)
Class of 2023
Marlin Burd Class of 2024
John Haase Class of 2025
Board of Deacons
Cheryl Stamp
Carroll Walker (Chair)
Linda Warren
Class of 2024
Robert DuBois
Luke Lyerla
David Santellano
Liz Stout
Ann York
Class of 2025
Anna Presbyterian Foundation Board
David Gould
Barb Throgmorton
Jane Rader
Women's Ministry
Sondra Gould Coordinator
Women's Association
Donna Bible
Glenda Goldsmith
Sandy Davis
Joyce Lutz
Men's Life
Bo Utley, Chair Joe Plemon, Jim Harris - Teachers


Finance - Joe Plemon - Chair
Mission & Local Outreach - John Haase - Chair
Nominations - Mark Kirk - Chair
Shepherding - Joe Plemon - Chair
Small Groups & New Member Assimilation - Joe Plemon- Chair
Church Safety and Security - John Hughey - Chair
Children, Youth & Family - Maryanne Fischler - Chair
Building & Grounds - Bo Utley / Marlin Burd - Co-Chairs
Flowers - Janice Plemon - Chair


Worship & Music - Rev David Fischler, Kathy Swafford, Shirley Harris, John Hughey, Carroll Walker, Todd Williams
Youth & Children - Maryanne Fischler
DivorceCare, DC4K, Prison Ministry, Relationships, Grief Support, The Street - Kent & Melinda Young
Nursery, and Children's Church - Maryanne Fischler
Men's Prayer Group, Last Monday Men - Kent Young
Praise Team - Barb Haase, John Haase, Shirley Harris, John Hughey & Mandy Kirk