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Youth News

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    • D-Group - Sunday evenings at 6:00pm

Grief Recovery Group
Pain, suffering, and sorrow are so common in life we have a common word to describe it – GRIEF. When we experience a tragic loss it takes part of us with it, leaving us in shock, and searching for our new identity in the wreckage.

To treat the pain our human nature latches on to a substitute of some kind to fill the void, and keep us “afloat”. This generally prolongs the agony until we spiral down in total despair feeling worthless, and abandoned. But it doesn’t have to be this way, and it’s not true, we are not worthless and
abandoned. God made us; He loves us, and promised to be with us always – that’s the Truth.

The Grief Recovery group applies God’s Word to our broken hearts, and allows the Great Physician to bring healing to our souls.
Do you want to be healed?

The current session began Tuesday, August 22, 6:00- 8:00pm at the home of Kent and Melinda Young. It will run for 12 consecutive Tuesdays at the same time each week. There is no cost to participate.

Contact Kent or Melinda Young, or the church office for more information.

Are you called to pray?

Join others praying for the needs of our church family, friends, community and beyond.

Men meet for prayer on Sunday at 5:00pm at the  Main Street parking lot.
Prayer Chain members are notified during the week as needs are known.

Meal Ministry

Our church has a meal ministry that is available to anyone who is sick or experiencing a difficult time. If you have this need, or know of someone who does, you may contact Julie Lewis or Sondra Gould. Also, if you are not on the list to provide meals and would like to be included you may also call Julie or Sondra.

Do you know of someone in need of encouragement?  
Please contact our Card Ministry leader Cheryl Parlow