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Megan Reeder - Asia

“There are almost 50 different languages in the country in which I work. My role is to head up a team that will serve these language communities in two ways. We will help catalyze a Kingdom Impact Partnership, a partnership between everyone working for a language group for Kingdom purposes, for each of those people groups. Then as a partnership works together to seek and serve the Lord, we will give them training to help them meet whatever Scripture needs they determine they need met, whether it’s a written Bible translation, a chronological Bible storying project for the oral people in the language group, an initiative to help them use well Scripture they have to see their community transformed – whatever their Scripture-related goals, we will help them achieve those goals.”

Megan with kids from a testing group

Unnamed Asian Country


Land size: 143, 998 sq. km.
Population: 151,899,000
Population Density: 1000 per sq. km.

Official Language:

English is often used
Literacy rate is 38%


55% live below the poverty line

Income per person:

$360 per year


Muslim: 85%
Hindu 12%
Christian: 0.72%

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