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Robbie & Joyce Hamd - Middle East

I am a pastor/evangelist to a church plant in a great middle-eastern city. Our church is small and has people from all over the world who attend. We touch many peoples lives with the gospel. Many of our people come from cross-cultural marriages. We believe that word and deed go hand in hand. That is why part of our ministry is providing food parcels, baby needs, and basic help to those in need. For example, I had a woman who came into my office. She was visibly shaken and was seeking to find the truth. She shared with me that she didn’t know if God was able to accept her because in her words “of all the things I have done”. We spent time reading the scriptures together. This was the first time that she read the Bible and to her amazement she read portions of scriptures which bare witness to a gracious, forgiving God through Jesus Christ. Her eyes were welled up with tears as she prayed to receive Christ. Jesus says, “Come to me, all you that are weary and are carrying heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.” We have the great honor of witnessing first hand our Lord’s gracious, merciful, and loving care to all his elect who comes seeking Him.

Robbie with church members

Joyce teaches high school English Literature to over 90 students at the Evangelical School for boys and girls. The majority of her students are Muslim and Druze and are in their last year of high school. It is a very rigorous program for both students and teachers alike. Joyce’s vision for teaching is to graft in many writers of faith for her students to read, study and respond. For example, she spent two months on the works of C.S. Lewis. Many of her students were confronted with the claims of the gospel which they had to reflect upon in their daily journals which she makes them write. Joyce shares with me that the journals have become a way to pastorally care for many of her students who reflect upon the material presented in a personal environment.

Unnamed Middle Eastern Country


Land size: 10, 230 sq. km.
Population: 3.3 million
Population Density: 321 per sq. km.

Official Language:

French and English widely used



Income per person:

$3,350 per year


(only Arab state not officially Muslim)
Muslim: 60%
Christian: 32%
Druze: 7%

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